An Astronauts Garden

Big Leroy?

I’m Leroy and this is my site. People don’t call me Big Leroy, but I wish they would.

What is this site about?
I’ve done a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have ever started and that’s what this site is about. What kind of things? Mostly building and renovating and other fun stuff.

Why Astronaut.Garden?
It was either that or Renovation.Sexy. This domain name was cheaper and less likely to be misinterpreted as a beauty blog and inspire false hope for those of us with fixer-upper faces. Don’t like the name? suggest a better one.

Are you a professional builder and tradesman?

Should I take your DIY advice?
I wouldn’t.

What is with the dates on projects?
I started this site in 2019, but I’m adding projects from the last 10 years.
In the past 10 years my girlfriend became my wife, we moved houses, became dog people, started businesses and grew ourselves some kids. I’m trying to write the posts as relative to the point in time the project was happening, but sometimes I jump backwards and forwards in time to reflect on things and get a little confused.

Otherwise, enjoy the ride.

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