Built-in Floating Bench Top – Laundry Renovation Part 6

Just a very quick post today. The laundry will be spacious enough to work in, but there isn’t space to waste. In order to be able to get a washing machine and drier under the bench and still have a bench wide enough for a really big sink I needed the bench to “float”, while still being strong enough to support the bench for all it’s intended uses.

I decided to make the bench support out of 50mm square steel (RHS) and came up with the following design:

Construction was pretty straight forward. I cut the RHS into the appropriate lengths, and then welded each part together, being sure to keep all angles square. I used a MIG welder for the bulk of the structure, however along the top where i will be attaching the bench top I used a TIG which gave a flater finish. The design is really overkill for the requirements and it is strong enough that you could par a truck on it without any problems (except for the fact that you had a truck in your laundry).

Once the structure was complete I used a grinder to clean up all the welds, and then I used a an epoxy based paint to seal and paint the structure, using the same natural white colour I used on the walls. 

In the last post you can see how I built the structure into the wall. I fastened it to the floor using dynabolts so it is not going anywhere.

What do you think? Any questions or comments please share.

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