We Bought a Farm!

Everything the light touches is my kingdom…

We bought a farm.
Cost a bit, needs heaps of work and have almost certainly bitten off more than I can chew.

Farm house is dilapidated, fences are broken, sheds are falling down and the whole place is overgrown.

But… We bought a mother-freaking farm. So much space, so much freedom. 

Let the fun begin. 

Introduction to the farm house.
The farm house has plenty of character, but has not seen a lot of love in recent years, having not been lived in for quite some time. It isn’t a complete loss though, some parts of the house are quite livable, and other parts only need minor repairs to make them sound enough for us to live in while we fix it up after work and on weekends.

Below is a floor plan of the farm house. Green rooms are in good condition and can be occupied immediately, orange rooms will require some repairs before they can be used, and red rooms are… completely unusable.

Yes, there is an alarming amount of red…

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